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Terms of Service

  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me

  • I accept commission only through email or the Commission Form

  • I only accept payment upfront through P♦︎yP♦︎l via invoice

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission request

  • I retain copyright on my art and can post it to promote my services, unless privacy or anonymity is requested

  • Some information like emails is collected for sending invoices and commission files to the customer, and may be stored email/p♦︎yp♦︎l accounts.

  • Customers details will not be sent to third parties or added to mailing lists

Commissioned Work created by the Artist...

  • Is for your personal enjoyment only

    • i.e. desktop image, sharing with friends, printing for home etc.

    • Reposting to your personal tumblr, dA, FA or other online gallery, or use in web layouts, sites, blogs, signatures, or avatars

  • May not be uploaded to other resources or social media without crediting the Artist

    • "Created by Perunagekko"

  • May not be used for commercial purpose or gain

    • Reselling, using it in commercial projects or for NFTs/crypto is strictly forbidden

  • May not be used to train AI image generators such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and the like

  • May not be used for third party endeavours

  • May not be edited, traced, altered, sold, claimed to have been authored by anyone other than the Artist.

After commission request has been accepted

  • I complete commissions in the order they are received, so if there are commissions on the list before you, they will be completed before yours. Please keep this in mind as there may be a waiting period before your commission is started. Please be patient

  • I will keep you updated on possible delays with your commission


  • I will send you previews of the image as it progresses and you will be able to request one round of changes after each update before the image is considered done

  • No revisions are possible after the image is completed


  • If there is any reason for a refund, you will receive a partial amount and the unfinished drawing.

  • No refunds are possible when the image is completed

Finished work

  • When your image is completed, you will be provided with a full resolution version

  • You may request for the commission to be private i.e. I will not be sharing it on my social media or put it in my portfolio

  • I am not responsible for lost or damaged files; please back up any files you receive from me as there is no guarantee or obligation of being able to provide replacements. Refunds will not be given for lost or damaged files

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